Big Italian taste from a small town in Alabam'

Our Story

Inspired by Mom aka “Maw Maw”. Her home canned tomatoes sustained our family through many winters. She was in the kitchen every day cooking and creating wonderful meals for us. Thus, I developed a desire for creating meals and new recipes from fresh and nutritious ingredients. Although, Maw Maw did not actually make a marinara sauce, she did make many delicious meals with her tomatoes. Her passion in the kitchen inspired my passion in the kitchen. Through her love, patience and instruction my creativity was born. Over the years I have created many recipes including what is now Maw Maw’s Marinara. She is my inspiration and our sauce is a tribute to her, thus the name Maw Maw’s Marinara. Thank you Maw Maw. We love you and we hope this tribute to you lets you know that you will forever be my inspiration.